Lutes&Ukes are back!

Hugely looking forward to some happy plucking days before we’re off to the Kolner Fest fur Alte Musik on Sunday 25th March : tickets hereölner+Fest+für+Alte+Musik-Tickets-67/?evId=1662531&pageId=67&L=1

No tears here: Gramophone Award for Lachrime

A wonderful week of all things Lute at the LSA’s West Fest was followed by two weeks of sun and no wifi in Devon. Mojo restoration was completed by returning to this news, It was a privilege to knock about in the unique Phantasm sound world with this greatest of great music.

LSA WestFest

Have had a fantastic couple of months this side of the Atlantic: Glyndebourne, Spitalfields, Orkney and other Festivals.  Now  packing my bags for a longer journey: to beautiful Victoria, Canada,  where I’m joining a great-looking faculty for the  Lute Society of America’s summer seminar (West) over the next week.  A new one for me , a chance …

A New Look Site

Big thanks to Chesney at BiteAndBang Design for the new site.  Updates should come thick and fast now. Well, at least thick.  But for now we’re getting ready to hit Hoxton with the extraordinary strings of Rodolfo Richter, Jane Gordon and Alison McGillivray. Theatre of the Ayre with no singers but plenty of drama!